First Day Back at Work

(Note: If this is your first time visiting my page, thank you for your concern and support.  You may want to read the pages to the left first, then read from below.  My latest blog entries will feed to the top automatically. ) 

Hi.  Today was my first day back at work.  It was a little tiring getting ready and out of the house but once I got settled at my desk I was fine.  I felt a little queezy after lunch but was fine once I sat back down at my desk.  All in all it was a good day.  Still battling the cold and sore throat but I guess that’ll be sticking around for a while.  I recently added a few new pages to the left if you want to check them out (last three pages).


4 Responses to “First Day Back at Work”

  1. Courtney Says:

    YAY I’m so glad you had a good day back to work!! I’m going to call you when I get off work so we can set a time for me to come over, if you are up for it!! Love you XXOO

  2. Jen (your cuz) Says:

    Hi Danielle –

    I just dropped by today to see how things are going. I’m sorry you weren’t feeling well and I hope you’re feeling better now. That’s really great that the tumors are getting smaller already. I’m so glad to hear that. Stay strong hun. Love, Jen

  3. Norine Korvink Says:

    Hi Danielle,

    You are really amazing! My daughter-in-law, Jen Korvink, is an RN at Matthews Presbyterian…I was tell her about you…and have forwarded your blog to her. Please feel free to ask her anything….she’s a natural-born nurse, and is the most caring person I know. She is about your age…just turned 32 in April. I know that you would like her…even as just a friend.

    Hope you enjoyed Easter with your family. 🙂


  4. vicki cunningham Says:

    Hope this weekend and today were good and that your cold is better. Stay strong, sweetie. Praying daily for your healing!

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