Easter Monday

(Note: If this is your first time visiting my page, thank you for your concern and support.  You may want to read the pages to the left first, then read from below.  My latest blog entries will feed to the top automatically. ) 

Well today, Easter Monday, was a good day and our luck is seeming to have turned a corner for the better and all at the right time.  My husband, Dan, who has been unemployed since last March, accepted a job offer today!!  It is the good news we’ve been waiting for and I can’t help but think of my favorite quote, “Whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.”  I say this because if my husband hadn’t lost his job last year, we wouldn’t have gotten pregnant (and miscarried) in February (I won’t go into details but the time off allowed us to fix some fertility issues) and who knows when it would have been when I would have found the cancer (since the pregnancy led to the spread and subsequent diagnosis after the miscarriage).  Just remember, everything happens for a reason and everything is meant to be.  Those things that appear to be bad at the time (like Dan losing his job and me miscarrying) have a reason for being as they are and you will see eventually that this is true and a blessing in disguise with a purpose.

Regarding my health, the past few days have been great and I’m feeling 100% back to normal except for a lingering cold but the sore throat, tiredness and other side effects are mostly gone (at least until next Wednesday).  I’m back at work and doing great.  I’ve worked out a schedule with my work for my treatments and they’ve been very supportive.  I’m lucky to work for such a great company and with such great people.

Thanks again for everyone’s messages.  A lot of people have said they have learned a lot from my blog so I’m very glad about that.  I didn’t directly intend for it to be educational so I’m glad it turned out that way.  I just hope that it is educational enough to possibly make a difference for someone someday (if necessary).   I’ve also received messages from friends of friends, my sister’s friends, my parent’s friends, my friends’ parents, etc.  The outreach is so amazing and everyone has been so kind.  I am so glad to know that my friends and family have such great friends themselves in their own lives as well.

I added a couple pages to the left (last three) if you haven’t checked those out yet.  I also added a lesson learned (#4) that’s pretty crazy (I think). 

I have my next round of Herceptin on Wednesday and have a surgery on Friday to have the IV port implanted.  Recovery time will just be 2-3 days.  This week is supposed to be the week I lose my hair.  Not too excited about that.  I guess it’ll make things seem more real.  Nina and I were talking yesterday about how everything just doesn’t seem real.  I guess it may never.   Call it denial or call it thinking positive, not sure which it is but it is what it is I guess.


9 Responses to “Easter Monday”

  1. Eileen Sullivan Says:

    Hi Danielle,
    I really like”… the universe is unfolding as it should.” I believe that also but had never seen/heard it in those particular words. SO happy the Easter holiday was a good one for you. Was able to see and give your mom a hug the other day. You continue in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. vicki cunningham Says:

    God is so good – everything in His timing.

  3. lori kragnes Says:

    heygirl, glad your doin ok,think positive and stay strong, you have to…thats what will keep you going, don’t ever give up…..your always in thoughts and prayers, love you much…xoxoxo.lor

  4. Christy Says:

    Your positive thoughts are so important to your recovery and it is great to hear you are remembering the bigger picture and you are with the flow of life! You are aware of great lessons and are beaming with hope and strength!!!

  5. Beckie Johnson Says:

    Hi Danielle ~

    I’m very glad to see you are in such good spirits. That’s awesome – attitude is everything!!

    Have you posted any pictures? I haven’t seen any on your website. It might be fun with the new hair-do’s coming up.

    I used to say I didn’t care what my hair looked like as long as it was stuck to my head. Back in my day, I actually went out for a friend of mine’s birthday to a dance club. Some random dude on the dance floor actually “noogied” me. (He put his arm around my shoulder and rubbed my head with his fist.) Maybe he could tell my hair wasn’t real and was testing it? To this day, I wish I had let that wig fly off my head. Sure I would have been embarrased but his reaction may have been worth it!!! 9 years later, I have hair that is stuck to my head and he’s probably still a jerk. 🙂

    Anyway, hang in there girl. You’re doing great.

  6. Becky Says:

    I’m so happy to hear you’re feeling well!! I’ve been praying for that would happen! I’m so proud of you and your positiveness. I hope you continue to feel good and I really hope this all passes qucikly 🙂
    Love ya

  7. Molly Yukica Says:

    You continue to amaze me. I want you to know that when I read something new you have posted it brings tears to my eyes. It’s absolutely amazing to see how strong you really are and how positive an attitude you continue to keep. I feel blessed to know you and continue to fight by your side!!! Look forward to seeing you in less than two weeks:)

  8. Carol Lambert Says:

    I’m so glad for Dan that he got a new job. Your Mom had told me that he had a good opportunity at one recently. I also mentioned to her at that time that maybe it was in God’s plan that he was unemployed and therefore able to be there for you during this initial phase. He does work in mysterious ways!!

    • Danielle Kragnes Murray Says:

      Hi Carol! I totally agree with that!! I thought the same thing when he just coincidentally got a job right after all my first appointments!

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