The Oprah Show Has Aired!! (and other general updates)

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Well my big day was great!!  The Dr. Oz Oprah XM Radio show aired this morning.  I was on there for about 6 minutes (yes, I recorded it and timed my piece).  They edited out the part where Dr. Oz asked me about my blog.  I guess they decided not to air my blog address on national radio.  That would have been really cool but the messages probably would have been overwhelming and it probably would have taken away from the messages I receive from friends and family on here, which I love.

About mid day right after lunch I visited and saw my pictures on the set of the Oprah show!  They were linked with an article about today’s show (see previous blog post).  I watched the show when I got home from work and was pleasantly surprised to see how many times and for how long my pictures actually appeared on set!  Wow, what an exciting day!  I wish I would have emailed the show sooner; I probably could have been one of those people who thanked him in person on the show.  I emailed the show a couple days before it was taped so I’m just glad they were able to add my pictures in time!  And I got to meet Dr. Oz in person and go to another Oprah show anyway, which really just expanded the exciting times!  Thanks for everyone who tuned in to watch or who set recorders!  Dr. Oz is so amazing!  I just love him and Oprah.  I can’t wait for his show in September!  I’m going to follow up with the publicist who got my information sometime soon so hopefully the exciting times will continue. 

Ok, now for some not-so-exciting stuff.  I have my third “big” chemo day tomorrow, the one where I get Taxotere, Carboplatin and Herceptin in one big pretty regimen.  I’ll be hooked up for the whole day basically.  I’ll have a follow up appointment first, then into the chemo room again we go!  Mom’s coming with me again (thanks Mom!).  After tomorrow though, my “big” chemo cycles will be half way over.  It’s gone by really fast! 

I also had my genetic counseling appointment last week.  I think I forgot about that with everything else going on.  Anyway, they asked a ton of family medical history questions.  We don’t have any breast cancer in the family at all so they don’t think it’s genetic but are running some genetic blood tests to be sure.  There are two breast cancer genes (BRCA 1 and BRCA 2) that everyone has but sometimes they don’t work properly and are considered “mutated”.  If these genes are mutated, there is a higher risk for breast cancer and ovarian cancer.   They said if they are mutated, it would alter my surgery plans, meaning they would recommend a double mastectomy (instead of a single one) and a hysterectomy when I’m 40.  I won’t go into details about all the what-ifs until I know if it’s even a problem.  I doubt it will be.  I’ve had gut feelings about all the rest of my diagnosis and this isn’t one of them so I’m not worried.  But anyway, they had to send the tests to Utah and I won’t hear the results until my follow up appointment on June 1.


8 Responses to “The Oprah Show Has Aired!! (and other general updates)”

  1. lori kragnes Says:

    good luck today gf, i know today is a big one…..i’m glad linda carol will be there, your in my prayers luv, i’ll call yah later…love yah…keep strong and your great outlook, it will get you thru this….aunt lori, lori,lor,aunt nori,aka:cap’t k team or whatever the heck you want to call me, just don’t call me late for dinner…..

    • Danielle Kragnes Murray Says:

      Thanks Aunt Lori/Nori!! You’re so funny! You always make me laugh. Love you!

  2. Kelly Says:

    WHASSSSUPPPPPP? LOL 🙂 Hang in there today… Thinking of you!! Just wanted you to know… I’m thankful they did not air your Blog site…. we do not want to have to share you! ;)… no really, I think you are right – your blog would be overwhelming (sp? I wish these comments had spell check – ha!). Love ya! 10 days… ekkkk !!!! Yay!!!

    • Danielle Kragnes Murray Says:

      You’re funny! I know, I find misspellings in my posts all the time, no worries. I think you spelled it right though. Love you!!! See you next week in Vegas!

  3. Norine Says:

    Hey…watched Oprah last night! Was exciting to see your cute little face…:) Hate that I missed the radio show, though. Maybe I can catch it again.

    Hope the treatment goes well….know it’s a tough one for you.


    • Danielle Kragnes Murray Says:

      Thanks Norine! I have the XM radio show recorded and am going to try and download it somehow for my blog. We’ll see! 🙂

  4. Bekah Says:

    Hey! I watched the show. Big O gave you the best spots on the screen. I felt like I was related to a celebrity! A gajilion people probably saw you on TV . That’s amazing! Also, I think you definitely would have been on the show had you contacted them earlier. I think your story is so much more amazing than the stories the other people shared.
    My cousin Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Danielle Kragnes Murray Says:

      Thanks Bekah! I know, I wished I would have wrote in sooner. That would have been awesome to be one of those 5 people that got to tell their story on the show!!! I would have been so nervous though! I probably would have beem crying the whole time. Ha.

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