Chemo ~ Cycle 3 / Day 6

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Well, I spoke too soon yesterday I’m afraid.  Yesterday evening and on into last night / early this morning, proved to be the worst day yet, similar to that first Monday following my first chemo round.  I’m not really sure why this time, other than I guess they’re starting to wear on me.  The Aloxi and steriods they give me on the big chemo days wear off after a few days and the symptoms start to catch up I think.  It sort of felt like a really bad flu with nausea, hot/cold chills, stomach pains, etc.  I felt pretty sick from about 7pm, when I got in bed, until about 2am when I think I finally fell asleep.  I feel much better now though but am still tired.  Tomorrow will be better I’m sure so no worries.


8 Responses to “Chemo ~ Cycle 3 / Day 6”

  1. lori kragnes Says:

    aww, hey danielle, hope this passes soon, i’m sure it will, hang in there gf and i really hope you feel better tomorrow, i’ll call on yah sweetie in the morning…wish i could take all this pain from you, i hope and pray you get over this and it passes quickley..stay strong and positive and with the love from your family and friends and the dear Lord,i’m sure you will get thru this..horseshit(lack of better words)….but you know i have to say how i feel….love you…aunt lor

  2. Becky Says:

    I’m sorry to hear this…hang in there girl, it’s halfway through. 🙂
    I’ll call you soon!

    • Danielle Kragnes Murray Says:

      Thanks Becky! 🙂 Talk to you soon! Until then, I’ll be rolling the dice you sent me, ha!

  3. Norine Says:

    Oh, so sorry…was hoping youd escape the nausea. Feel better soon.

  4. vicki cunningham Says:

    Hope today proves to be better for you. Saying prayers!

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