Chemo ~ Cycle 4 / Day 2

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Yesterday was my 4th big chemo round.  Dan came with me this time.   He started a new job shortly after my first chemo round and his new employer wasn’t aware of my situation and I didn’t want Dan to ask off any work so soon.  Dan mentioned to his new boss the other day that I had breast cancer when they were talking about the Race for the Cure and his boss kindly told Dan to take some time off to be with me whenever he needed.  He could just make up the hours on other days.  That was nice.  Dan was excited to spend the day with me and I was glad to have him there.  I missed my mom though at the same time and wished they’d allow more guests.  It’s always a full house though so I understand why.

Anyway, I’m officially 2/3 of the way done with my big chemos.  I had my follow up appointment with Dr. Limentani first and received another good report.  He said he still couldn’t feel my original tumors and thinks everything is going great.  I also discussed with him some other side effects that I’ve been having and he said they were normal so that was good.  I told him about my genetic testing results and he doesn’t recommend changing my current surgery plans.  I will meet with my oncology surgeon (Dr. Turk) the first of August to get his final opinion after my scans.  Dr. Turk will be the one who makes the final recommendations. 

We went into the chemo room after that.  There weren’t nearly as many people in there as usual but my appointment was earlier than usual (9:15am).  It started to fill up a couple hours later and was a full packed room again.  I saw some new people and some regulars, along with some new patients going on tours anticipating what they’ll be going through next.  I talked to a few of the patients sitting next to me and the girl I met last week on the way out.  The lady next to me was getting a new chemo regimen because her chemos weren’t working for her.  It’s sometimes hard listening to other people’s stories, especially for my mom who I could tell was upset when bad things came up.  But I told my mom not to worry, mine are going away and I’m doing fine.  Mom came and brought me lunch around noon and stayed while Dan went to get his lunch.  She would have brought Dan’s lunch too but he needed something to do for an hour while my mom visited with me since they only allow one visitor at a time.   Dan did good with the popsicles that morning and was a very good nurse, just like my mom usually is.

I was done around 1:30, earlier than usual.  Getting there earlier allowed us to beat the rush on the lab tests, IV set up, etc.  Last night after chemo, mom came over and brought me some dinners for the week.  I was a little more tired than usual for the first day.  I went to bed around 6 or 7 I think and slept until 8:30 this morning.  The tiredness feeling is weird.  It’s not just a normal tired feeling.  I feel like I can’t keep my eyes open, feel pretty weak and it feels like I weigh 400 pounds when I try to get up off the couch and walk.  No nausea yet though.  A little mild bouts here and there but nothing bad and it only lasts a minute or so.  I’m taking some extra precautions this time to try and prevent any heavy nausea days.  We’ll see if it works.

I’ve done well today too.  I was pretty tired all day but I worked until about 4, then took a nap from 4-7 and now I’m eating dinner and watching TV.  Nighty night!


2 Responses to “Chemo ~ Cycle 4 / Day 2”

  1. Kelly Says:

    You are ADORABLE!!!

  2. Vicki Says:

    Hoping you are feeling better today!

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