Chemo ~ Cycle 4 / Day 6

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Well I think the chemos are getting worse and better at the same time.  Certain side effects are getting worse and others are getting better. 

The “chemo brain” seems to be getting worse.  For example, my mom came over Wednesday night (the night of my treatment) and brought me a present (a cute new pool bag).  The next day, I went into my closet and was like “whose cute new pool bag is this?”  I didn’t even remember her coming over. 😦  And I forgot to call my BFF Kelly on her birthday.  😦

I was able to work pretty much a full day on Thursday and Friday though so the mornings I’m still doing ok.  The afternoons have been worse this time around though.  I’ve been way more tired this time and have taken long naps each afternoon.  My throat is still really dry but it’s not sore anymore, thanks to the ice and Dan’s nursing efforts on chemo day.  I still feel really tired today but it will hopefully go away soon (at least by Wed).  Yesterday, I tried to get out of the house and go to Target in the morning.  I was still pretty tired and stopped at Subway on the way home for lunch.   For whatever reason, I about passed out at the register and had to sit down because everything went black and I got really hot.   Then my stomach started getting upset last night and I didn’t sleep all that great.  Ugh.  I’m ready for them to be done but all else considering, I’m doing great.  🙂


7 Responses to “Chemo ~ Cycle 4 / Day 6”

  1. Becky Says:

    Aw, I’m sorry girl…I hope the rest of the time flies by for you. You’ve done so great and have been such a strong person. I’m still amazed that you’ve been just trucking along….and so glad!!
    Love ya

  2. Molly Yukica Says:

    Hang in there…you are doing great! We are still pulling for ya and saying lots of prayers! Can’t wait until the wedding:)

  3. Nina Says:

    So does that mean that you forgot the big wad of cash that I gave you the other day?! I lent you $1,000 that you said you’d pay back. I’ll take the payback in cash or check. 🙂 (hehehe, jk, just a little chemobrain-humor to brighten your day) 🙂

  4. Vicki Says:

    So sorry about the Subway experience! Did they give you your lunch for free?? They should have!

    Keep on keeping on – you are almost there, Sweetheart.

  5. Kelly Says:

    Soooo, since you forgot to call me on my bday, does that mean I’m a year younger!!??SWWWEEEETTTT 🙂 🙂 I’ll take that anyday!! Love you girl – hang in there, you are kicking a$$!! Miss you!!! Have a GREAT day!!!

  6. Shelley Says:

    We are are still thinking about you every day here at JAH. I’m sorry that things seem tough right now. I am so glad you have this blog to keep everyone informed. I really hope all the best for you. Have fun next weekend and take care of you!

  7. Shelley Says:

    Danielle, I just reread my blog. I’m sorry things are tough right now (not seem tough!) You must have thought “how insensitive!” xoxox

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