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Sorry I have been so slack on the blog posts lately.  I really appreciate everyone checking in on me though so I’m sorry I’ve been so slack.  Anyway, I’ve been feeling good.  Not great but good.  Usually in past rounds, the dry mouth / sore throat went away by about Monday or Tuesday following chemo.  This time it’s lingering.  Every day by about 4pm my throat starts hurting and my mouth always feels dry and hot now.  I guess it’s going to be like that for a while though because I heard that was a side effect of radiation too and that’ll be every day for six weeks, yuck.  Aside from that, I’ve been a little more tired and I haven’t been sleeping all that great, but I’m also nervous about giving a speech at Nina’s wedding on Saturday so hopefully that’ll get back to normal next week.  And I’m not tired enough to require naps or anything so it’s not that bad.  Nina’s wedding is this Saturday and then next Wednesday is my next big chemo round, the second to last one finally.  It went by fast but at the same time it’s getting really old and I’m ready for it all to be done. 

Last week in the chemo room for my Herceptin appointment, I met a new girl who was in there for her first round.  She was probably in her late 30s.  She was just diagnosed with triple negative stage IIB IDC, which is the same thing as mine except her hormone receptors are negative.  Triple negative means her tumors are HER2-, ER- (estrogen) and PR- (progesterone).  Again, mine was HER2+, ER+, PR-.    Triple negative breast cancers are typically responsive to chemotherapy, although they may or may not be more difficult to treat because they are unresponsive to the most receptor targeted treatments like Herceptin for the HER2+.  Here are some statistics for a quick lesson:

  • 25% of breast cancer patients have tumors that are HER2+.  I fall in this category.
  • 75% of breast cancers are estrogen-receptor-positive (”ER-positive” or “ER+”).  I fall in this category as well.
  • 65% of ER-positive breast cancers are also progesterone-receptor-positive (”PR-positive” or “PR+”).  I do not fall in this category.
  • 25% of breast cancers are ER-negative (”ER–”) and PR-negative (”PR–”) or of “unknown” status. This would be considered part of the triple negative, the third being HER2-.
  • 10% of breast cancers are ER-positive and PR-negative.  I fall in this category.
  • 5% of breast cancers are ER-negative and PR-positive.  I do not fall in this category.
  • If both estrogen and progesterone receptors are present (ER+/PR+), your chance of responding to hormonal therapy is about 70%.  I do not fall into this category, since I am ER+ but PR-.
  • If you are estrogen-receptor-positive only (ER+/PR–) OR progesterone-receptor-positive only (ER–/PR+), you have about a 33% chance of responding.  I fall in this category since I am ER+ and PR-.
  • I visited the wig place again this weekend and saw my friend in there.  She had her mammogram and everything came back cancer free however she did have a cyst and found a thyroid problem so it was good she was seen.  She said she didnt’ have to pay for anything and said she wouldn’t have been able to go there without my oncologist’s referral for her.  So that was really nice to hear that I was able to help her in that way.  It also means that I’ll be able to give back the donations that I received from people.  I kept track of those and will contact you individually.  Thanks again everyone! 

    I got a couple new wiggies while I was there, which are lighter in color (blondish but not too blonde) for the summer.  I’ll have to post some pics later.  I like them.  I met a lady in there who was shopping for wigs for the first time and she seemed pretty upset.  I talked to her for a while and hopefully made her feel better about all of it.  Her hair was short already so I told her it would only take her about 2 months to grow her hair back out and it wouldn’t come out as much since she didn’t have to run her fingers very far through it when she conditioned it.  I also explained how nice it was getting ready in five minutes without shampooing, conditioning, drying, combing, styling, or shaving.

    And my last update….  I want a new puppy everyone and Little Precious (AKA Dan) is not letting me get one so I need everyone’s help.  Please vote YES here for “Should Dan let Danielle get a new puppy?”


    10 Responses to “Update”

    1. Nina Says:

      You are too funny… before you know it, you’ll have enough pets to dress them up as all of Santa’s reindeer at Christmas time!! 🙂

    2. Shelley Says:

      You are God’s angel to those you meet that need to hear your encouragement. Even when you don’t feel like it! I am praying for you and your family and know this weekend is going to be awesome and beautiful and spirit filled with love. Don’t push yourself too hard little girly…but have fun!

    3. Vicki Says:

      Danielle, sweetheart – you are such a hoot! I voted for two puppies! The more new puppies, the more new kisses!! Yeah for kisses!

      Thanks be to God for the Wig Lady’s good health reports – would not have happenned if it weren’t for you little angel.

    4. Carol Lambert Says:

      OK, I think it’s pretty funny there was not a “no” option, but I’m a pet person so my answer is yes! But you have to make the pet(s) a member of the family, not someone that you only visit when you are outside. Also, if Dan is not for the dog(s) then be sure to let him know that you are willing to be the official pooper scooper! Because if he’s not a pet person, he will be the one to step in all the dog poop each time he goes outside… that’s just Murphy’s law.

      • Danielle Kragnes Murray Says:

        Hahah, I thought the no “no” option was pretty funny myself! 🙂 By now, we actually have our new little Sofie precious and she’s definitely part of the family! We have a fenced in backyard for all of them but they’d much rather be curled up on the couch inside with us so that’s where they are 99.9% of the time. They go outside to use the bathroom and run around for a little bit but they’re mostly indoors with us. I set up a new room upstairs, which I now call “the pillow room” where we have reading time. It’s pretty funny.

    5. Becky Says:

      You’re too funny! I voted for 2 puppies! The more the merrier:) I’m so glad you’re almost done..yay! You’ll be fine at Nina’s wedding, just speak from the heart. 🙂 I’m glad the wig lady is ok, you are such a good person!!
      Love ya!

    6. Christy Says:

      I hope you get a puppy! You are an amazing person and a puppy would be so happy and lucky to be with you! Glad you are doing well and things are moving in a positive direction. You are so sweet and thoughtful to reach out and help others as you are facing your own battle.
      And that is quite funny that there was not a “no” option:) LOL!!!

    7. Jen Says:

      It hit home when you mentioned how you’re nervous about giving the speech at Nina’s wedding. I remember I was so nervous for about two months before Bekah’s wedding. I had myself sick about it. You’re going to do great and it will be over before you know it 🙂


    8. Ling Says:

      Hey Danielle, Kelly tells me you’re getting a Yorkie puppy named Sophie. I had a sneak preview of the photo.

      A D O R A B L E!!

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