Chemo ~ Cycle 5 / Day 6

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Well, I had to take a sick day today, as I’m still feeling the effects of this past chemo round, ugh.  After I went back to sleep and woke up the second time this morning though, I’m starting to feel a tad better.  I can’t wait for it all to be over, or at least until I feel better tomorrow.  I’ve been a little down in the dumps this weekend, in case you couldn’t tell.  Blah.

I finally pryed myself off the couch and called my oncology surgeon today, Dr. Turk.  I’m schecduled to meet with him on Monday.  That’s when I’ll find out the next steps, or at least begin to.  I’m sure they’ll have to do an MRI or something first before they know for sure. 

Little Sofie (my new little precious puppy) is doing really good and our other animals are adjusting well (although it took a few days).  Here are some pictures of the new pillow room, where we have our story time.  They just love it.  And then a couple from my camera from Nina”s wedding weekend.










6 Responses to “Chemo ~ Cycle 5 / Day 6”

  1. Vicki Says:

    I’m a little bit country? That is too much.

  2. Becky Says:

    That is so cute. I love how they’re all gathered around at story time!

  3. Kelly Says:

    Hello my love!!!! I am sorry I haven’t been in touch this weekend – my mom is here for 11 days visiting 🙂 🙂
    It sounds like you have had a rough few days – I sawwwrrry 😦 I cannot imagine how frustrating this is… you’re allowed to be annoyed and frustrated ;). Hang in there, just a little bit longer! I am so proud of you! We were at Michael John’s Album release party (such a great ablum! you guys go get it!), and I was bragging about you to everyone. We are all so proud of you! I love you and miss you so much!!
    PS- those are great pictures!! keep em coming!

    • Danielle Kragnes Murray Says:

      Hey Kelly! I hpoe you’ve had an awesome time with your mom! I wish we all lived closer and we could plan a mother-daugther-Kelly-Danielle lunch! That’s funny my name came up at Michael John’s party, hahahah. Tell him I said hi and that I’m still waiting for him to autograph my blog. 😉

  4. lori kragnes Says:

    hey girlie, how are you, your godson,cousin, my…his grad party was a lot of fun and alot of people were there…you were sooo missed but there in spirit…well there really isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not thinking of you in fact not even a minute…love you ..hope you have a good weekend and feelin yah, can’t wait to come down and see yah….it will be soon hopefully…..xoxooxox, keep your chin up and don’t let the blues get to yah or I’ll be giving you a kragnes ass whoopin

    • Danielle Kragnes Murray Says:

      Hey Aunt Lori! I think about you every day too missy! I wish we could’ve been there at Ryan’s party! I thought about you guys all day though! I’m feeling much better, thanks. Hope you are too!!! Talk to you soon. Love you!!!!!!

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