Chemo ~ Cycle 6 / Day 3 – LAST ROUND!!

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I had my LAST round of chemo on Wednesday.  I was in a cranky mood while soaking in the ice bins for the hour of Taxotere but other than that I was excited to be receiving my last round.  Dan came with me this time and Natalie, my youngest sister, came for about an hour and brought me lunch. 

The days following my chemo on Wednesday have actually gone better than past rounds.  They give me a few different prescriptions for nausea.  Two of them I’m supposed to take in the mornings on the first three days and there’s a third one they gave me to take as needed.  I’ve always taken this one at noon and six on the days following chemo, but I elected not to this time hoping I wouldn’t be as tired and thinking the rest of the nausea meds would be sufficient.  Well, I think I was right and wish I would have done that sooner.  Live and learn.  But tomorrow and Sunday are supposed to be the worst and Monday usually proves to be a bad day too so we’ll see.  So far though, this has been the best round yet, and they were supposed to get cumulatively worse so go figure.  It must have been that third nausea pill I was taking, darn it.  I was able to work full days yesterday and today.  I probably worked 10-12 hours yesterday and worked all day today, so that’s good.  My mom’s friend Norine and her husband Peter came over yesterday to bring me a meal, which was so thoughtful and yummy!  Thanks Norine!!  I just got done eating the rest of the salad!  Best dressing ever!

Well, I’m about to head into the chemo room again for 2 hours of fluids.  I hope everyone has a nice weekend!


3 Responses to “Chemo ~ Cycle 6 / Day 3 – LAST ROUND!!”

  1. Carol Lambert Says:

    Glad it’s over and behind you!!

  2. Norine Says:

    Thank goodness you’re done with the chemo!! Sheesh…I can’t take it! LOL By looking at you, no one would ever know you’ve had cancer…you have been such a trooper through all of this, and undoubtedly your upbeat attitude has helped!

    Glad you liked the dinner, and the “dressing!” Believe me, it was our pleasure…


  3. Kelly Says:

    I miss your blogs!! How are you my BFF? Love you! 🙂 🙂

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