Still Recovering / Adoption Home Study

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Well, I’ve done well with my recovery so far.  My surgery was two weeks ago today but I must admit my underarm / arm is more sore now than it was in the beginning.  It hurts to drive (bumpy) and today even to walk (pounding, swinging).  I still have the drain in but hope to get that out on Wednesday when I go back for another followup.  I can do ok driving for short distances. I just drive one handed which isn’t a problem at all.  It’s moreso the bumps in the road and the seatbelt that cause the pain though.  I talked to my friend Lisa who I met in the chemo room a long time ago (very beginning of my treatment) and she said her arm is still sore and her surgery was about 5 weeks before mine!  Ouch.  I’m doing my arm exercises though so hopefully it’ll get better.  Gosh darn lymph nodes.

We mailed off our application for our adoption home study today.  It took us a while to pull together all the documents and fill out all the forms but got everything pulled together yesterday.  It should take about 5-6 weeks before we know if we’re approved or not.  That’s the first step in any adoption.  It involves background checks, fingerprinting, autobiography questions, marriage liceses, forms, references, home visits, interviews, etc.


3 Responses to “Still Recovering / Adoption Home Study”

  1. lori kragnes Says:

    wow, thats awesome…i’m sure everything will go thru…taking the first step is the start, might be long and grueling, but it will be worth it..i’ll be prayin for you both…you can put me down for a reference if need be..i will make sure i tell them that you always wanted that blue cup(lol)oops no i mean yellow…..

  2. Tracey Wilkinson Says:

    Danielle, I was just diagnosed with breast cancer 2 1/2 weeks ago and started my chemo last Monday. A friend of mine gave me your website and I was just amazed to only get a little ways down when the “adoption/home study” title stuck out to me. I couldn’t believe it. My husband and I had been going through fertility for 7 yrs with no success and had finally started the adoption process 2 months ago. Then, came the breast cancer surprise. Though I am at the beginning of my cancer journey, it sounds as though you are hopefully getting past the hardest part of yours and can focus on a family. I sincerely wish you luck and will pray for you in that aspect. To offer a word of encouragement, our adoption lawyer told us that in over 20 yrs of doing adoptions, he’s had several situations similar to ours who still successfully adopted after their cancer treatments were done…so, I hope that helps you. Thanks for sharing on your website! Tracey Austin, TX

    • Danielle Kragnes Murray Says:

      Hi Tracey! I’m so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. It can definitely come as a shock, I know. I’m so glad you found my blog – who told you about it? I hope it helps you through your journey. Pease feel free to email me anytime if you have any questions. My direct email is I also set up another website that may be helpful for you. It’s called – it’s still under development but it includes some helpful chemo tips and some positive outlooks on some things. Thank you for your words of encouragement about the adoption process. We just started the process, after our own struggle with years of fertility issues. I actually received a call today from our social worker who’s doing our home study. She said as long as my oncologist writes a letter explaining my diagnosis and a positive prognosis outlook, we’ll be fine. I wish you the best in your treatments, and your adoption journey down the road. Don’t worry, your treatment will go by fast!! Feel free to email me anytime!

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