Radiation Appts and Adoption Home Study

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Well, I started radiation this week.  Monday was my first real radiation treatment.  The other radiation appointments have just been consultations, setups, CT scans, etc.  The radiation treatments themselves aren’t bad, so far.  You just lay on this table and they line up all the lasers on your markings and then they leave the room.  The huge metal vault doors close automatically, like you’re inside a space ship or something and then the x-ray sirens sound, indicating that the radiation rays are being beamed at you.  You have to lie really still because the lasers have to be exactly lined up so they are pointing the radiation rays at just the right area.  The radiation treatment itself lasts like 7 minutes.  The rest of the time is just set up, changing into the medical gown, etc.  I’ve had no side effects so far and compared to the chemo, losing my hair, surgery,  and everything else, radiation is a breeze.  That’s not to say it’s pleasant, but you know what I mean.  I’ve seen other people in there and it’s interesting (for lack of a better word) to see the people in the waiting room.  Everyone has on one of those medical gowns.  Depending on whether they’re wearing a gown or the medical pants, you can kind of tell what type of cancer they have.  I’ve seen one lady so far I recognized from the chemo room.  Today is day 3 of radiation.  I’ll receive the radiation treatment every day for the next 33 business days, with 30 treatments left after today.  I’ll be done around the end of October / beginning of November I think but I haven’t looked at a calendar.

Now for the adoption stuff.  We had our home study this week and are now APPROVED for adoption!  Yay!  We’re really excited.  Next steps are getting signed up with an agency and being added to the waiting list.  We’re still hopefull the girl who’s a family friend of Dan’s sister works out.  She’s due in February.  We’ll see! 🙂


6 Responses to “Radiation Appts and Adoption Home Study”

  1. Becky Says:

    Thats such great news you’re approved!!! YAY, I’m so happy to hear that!
    Glad to hear also that you don’t have any side effects from the radiation so far!
    I hope you don’t mind me posting your blog on my FB, please tell me if you do. I’m just so proud to be your friend and want to share your story 🙂

    • Danielle Kragnes Murray Says:

      Awe you’re so sweet Becky, of course I don’t mind! I’m proud to be your friend too! 🙂 Can’t wait to see you this weekend!

  2. Jennie Greene Says:

    Great to hear your radiation went well and your not having any bad side effects so far! You are heavily in my thoughts! So excited to see that you are approved for adoption too! YEY! I’m so excited for you!

  3. Kelly McCombs Says:

    I am so excited to watch everything fall into place for you… Love you & soooo proud of you!
    Miss my BFF!!!!! I wish it was Sept 5th all over again…

  4. vicki Says:

    My heart just cries tears of joy for you and Dan. You have been thru so much – so glad the adoption is going to work out for you both! God is so good, God is so, so good. Everything will happen in His time.

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