ACS Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk / Media Clip

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Well today was the much anticipated American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk!  Several thousands participated and it was the perfect day for it!  While the weather was a little misty, it was perfect (not too hot, not too cold).  Our team stayed strong at #3 for top donations and we had 116 walkers on our team!  Since I was our team’s mascot, our team leader Laura dressed me up in a tu-tu and gave me a wand to carry.  It was very cute.  Thanks Laura!  🙂 

Channel 9 news was there (WSOC TV).  The American Cancer Society called me on Thursday and asked me to go to the media tent before the walk started because they had been asked to suggest a good survivor story and wanted me to share my story. I wasn’t going to go into all the details but I did have a short little interview.  It didn’t make TV but I did make it to an online media clip on their website.  Here’s the link below.  They cut out a lot of it, I guess I rambled on for too long, go figure.  I wave my wand funny at the end though.  I was able to watch the clip from my parent’s house but can’t get it working now from home.  Hopefully it’ll work for you.  You’re not missing too much if not.  I only had a few seconds. 

It was a great day.  My family was there and several of my friends, including one of my best friends from high school (Becky) who drove down from Virginia.  Thanks again for coming Becky!  I had such a good time reliving all our funny high school antics (well not all of them). 😉 Thanks to everyone who came with me!!

When I first arrived, I visited the survivor tent and got a pink shirt and a pink bead necklace.  They were giving away 1 necklace for each year of survival. I got 1 necklace this year.  I look forward to the day where I will have many more.  You have a different perspective and mixed emotions during the walk when you’re a survivor (or I guess even if you aren’t).  You look at all the people wearing the pink t-shirts and pink necklaces and hear the survivors getting up to tell about their number of years of survival and feel hopeful and thankful to have come this far.  But at the same time, you look the other way and see the groups of people wearing t-shirts in memory of a passed loved one from the disease.  Perhaps it’s because it’s hitting close to home for me right now but it seems cancer is talked about everywhere these days – you have all the different breast cancer walks (Making Strides, Susan G Komen, Avon Breast Walk, etc.), the talk shows (Dr. Oz, Oprah), breast cancer early detection mammogram trucks at work, commercials, even story lines on shows like Grey’s Anatomy.  You don’t/can’t go a single hour without thinking about it.  It’s still new though for me I guess.  I mean it was only just 6 months ago (on Thursday) that I was diagnosed and already I’m calling myself a survivor.  It just seems like it went by really fast.  I guess it did.  That’s not to say it’s not over yet though – still lots of treatments left – but considering I was stage IIB or III back in March and am now stage I, it’s pretty crazy to think about.


2 Responses to “ACS Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk / Media Clip”

  1. Becky Says:

    I had such a great time! It was so good catching up and hanging out, it was like no time had passed 🙂 I was honored to be able to walk with the tutu mascot survivor ! 🙂
    I hope the rest of your treatments go by quickly and you continue to feel great.

  2. Tiffany Barnes Says:

    You are so awesome! You are like a personal hero to me! I am so glad you are doing well. Lets try and get together soon!! Love you. xoxoxoxo

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