Random Thoughts, 1 Week Post Radiation

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Well, it’s been almost a week (as of tomorrow) since my last day of radiation!  My skin healed super fast and I feel back to normal already, although I never really felt not-normal so I guess that’s why.  It’s weird now that everything’s done.  Well, I still have the every-three-week Herceptin IV visits, but with so much time in between appointments now, it just seems weird, almost like I’m done with everything, but not really.  It’s also weird thinking back on everything I’ve gone through the past 8 months.  I was watching Brothers and Sisters last night (recorded from Sunday) and Kitty, the girl on there who has lymphoma, started losing her hair after her first chemo cycle and it brought back many memories of that two week time period when mine was coming out daily in my hands, at my desk at work, in the shower, and at night in bed.  For me, I think it was easier going through it myself, than imagining someone else going through it or even thinking back on myself going through it.  For me, I never felt like it was a huge deal when I was right in the middle of everything, but now, looking back, it seems like it was.  I guess that’s good.  I guess staying busy, updating my blog and writing about it along the way, and having other things to occupy my time, like work, shopping for new cars and chemo presents, etc. helped too. And of course, all my family, friends and support.  Speaking of new cars, I got myself another one!  Call it my end-of-radiation present to myself!  I traded in my convertible, which I bought myself for Chemo Eve gift #5 (I think) for an Acura RL, to make room for a car seat ~ yay!  Last night on Brothers and Sisters, Kitty also mentioned how she was quitting chemo and going to try positive thinking alternatives instead.  I can only imagine how my family would have reacted if I had done that.  Geez.  She mentioned how the chemo was cold going into her body and how the Pregnazone (however you spell it) kept her up at night the nights after chemo.  I had all those side effects too but I never really thought they were that bad.  It’s interesting to see different perspectives, even if it is a fictional character.  Speaking of TV characters with cancer, it’s a little unfair how fast Izzy’s hair is growing back on Grey’s Anatomy.  Mine is about Dan’s length now and seems to have hit a plateau.  I’m so ready for the day to come where I feel comfortable enough to go sans the hat.  Still wearing the halo wiggie and hat to work every day.  Ugh.  Ok, that was a random, jumbled mess of thoughts, sorry.


6 Responses to “Random Thoughts, 1 Week Post Radiation”

  1. lori Says:

    Hey Jr.grasshopper,(lol)I’m soooo glad your done with the radiation… I guess I need to plan a trip soon.Thats funny you said about randon,jumbled mess of thoughts,thats funny because I feel thats all I do(lol)oh well,its funny I think…miss yah my lil niece and love you..have a great day..

  2. Kelly McCombs Says:

    I just imagined you making the dolphin noise 🙂 🙂
    I love your random thoughts… remember how we would sit on the couch for a couple of hours, no tv, just random thoughts. FUN. Have a great day!!! I miss my BFF – I’ll be back in NC in about 36 days (but who is counting). Love u

  3. Mom Says:

    You are my sweet, strong, brave little precious princess warrior. There are not enough words to tell you how much you are loved and admired by so many and such an inspiration to everyone whose life you touch. You are amazing and I LOVE YOU!!

  4. Becky Says:

    Reading Kelly’s comment made me laugh. Now I’m hearing and picturing you doing the noise! Haha…Your mom is so right, you are a brave little precious warrior! I have been amazed the whole time you’ve battled this, you’re a miracle!!

  5. livingbeyondbc Says:

    What a fantastic, honest entry. Thank you for taking us through your journey. I’m sure your story is helpful to many other women.

  6. Danielle Kragnes Murray Says:

    Reblogged this on Danielle’s Cancer Survivor Story ~ Cancer Diaries and commented:

    Aidan tuned three last week. This time, 3 years ago we still weren’t even aware of his arrival into this world or that he would soon be our son. He actually at that time had another set of adopted parents who ended up falling through last minute, lucky and miraculously for us. So this is what I was writing about three years ago (almost to the day), while Aidan was resting up in the NICU waiting on us. 🙂

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