Latest MRI and Only Two Herceptin Appts Left!

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Gosh, it’s been quite a long time since my last post!  I guess that’s good news, since there’s not much to update anymore these days.  Aidan, our new adopted son, is doing great!  He’s so cute!  I posted some pics below.  Motherhood is wonderful and he’s such a good baby – already sleeping through the night and never cries!  My sister, Natalie, had her baby (girl, 6lbs, 13 oz, Marley Ava) last week so Aidan now has a little cousin on my side of the family!  🙂  Natalie’s labor went great and I was so proud of her at how she handled herself that day.  Since I went back to work on Feb 15, Natalie’s been watching Aidan for us at our house during the day, so that’s been nice.  And now that Marley is here, Aidan and Marley will be able to play together.  Both of them are so cute.  We set up a nursery for Marley at our house too so I got to decorate a girl’s room, which was fun. 

Hmmmm, cancer related…….I had an MRI recently and it came back CLEAR so that was reassuring!  I only have 2 Herceptin treatments left – March 3 and March 24, which is my one year mark from when I was first diagnosed last year.  Gosh, it went by quick and a lot has happened since then!  I’m still taking the Tamoxifen (and will continue to do so for 5 years).  No side effects from that, except fertility related, but I can honestly say that the adoption was just as fulfilling and exciting as I imagine birthing a baby would be.  I couldn’t imagine loving Aidan any more than I do now.

My hair is growing back still and my hair dresser comes to my house now to trim and color it.  It came in really dark brown, which is my natural color, so I had my hair dresser highlight it right away.  We think it’ll be mid to late summer before I will feel comfortable enough to go without those.  It’s been almost a year since I’ve been wearing wiggies and/or hats – SO ready for those days to be over!  As soon as my bangs get to be normal bangs-length, I’ll probably retire the wiggies/hats. 

Well, here are some pics of Little Scrumptious!!


One Response to “Latest MRI and Only Two Herceptin Appts Left!”

  1. Mom Says:

    Hi Sweetie! You continue to be our inspiration and we all love you so so much! And Aidan is our true miracle baby! And we all love him so so much! He has brought such joy to you and Dan and to all of us. And now we have precious little Marley to love and will soon have another baby, too! As one of my friends said, “God is restoring your family,” and I truly believe that. I am blessed and grateful to have such a loving, caring, and close family. Each of you have supported each other in the good times and the not so good times and this is true love to a mother’s heart. I cherish every moment with each of you.
    Your Adoring Mom

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