BRCA test results back!

I’ll make this quick because I’m on my iPhone but just wanted to let everybody know that my updated BRCA genetics testing results came back (the latest BART test that looks for sequence rearrangement mutations). No genetic mutations were found!, which is good news and not surprising since I already had the broader test done in 2009. This was just extra reassurance, and I’ll take that wherever I can get it.

The P53 test results, which have the higher likelihood of concern, given my genetics counselor’s percentages, will be back in a few weeks to a month. The chances are still low though and I’m not worried but wanted to update my blog with the info.

I go in for my next 6-month mammogram next week too. I usually don’t blog about those because they seem like they’re all the time but since i’m on here already, thought i’d mention it. Those always cause anxiety but I’m beginning to feel better about them the further out I get. They did say though at my last one that from then on, they would expect to see changes in the images. I don’t think she meant cancer – but just lingering damage from radiation turning into scar tissue and things like that, which may cause false positives. Hopefully not though because I don’t particularly want to relive those voo doo doll biopsies.


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