Mammogram Results

This will be another quick post (I think) and usually I don’t blog every single mammogram but thought I would since I mentioned a few posts ago that I had one coming up this week. It was just the right side today but all was clear again! They always send me to this little room where the radiologist comes in to personally tell me the results within minutes of the scan. This scared me at first, a while back, when I freaked over thinking “why the heck are they sending me to this little room!?”. But now I know it’s to provide personal and timely results, which my nerves fully appreciate.

Anyway, the radiologist said she was very pleased with my response to chemo this far out. HER2+ invasive breast cancers are aggressive and have a higher chance for recurrence than some other types of cancer, but she said there was not a trace left that she can see. And the imaging changes they said might start happening around now – none! :). All good news. I told a close survivor friend today that I am finally starting to feel “convinced”. The past two years, ever since we adopted Aidan, I have been worried and anxious about the cancer recurring. The doctors all said how well I responded to treatment but I always worried – not so much because I’m a mom now, but also just because I feel like I’m not doing anything anymore to fight it (except the Tamoxifen pills) now that chemo and radiation are over. That worry is finally starting to subside. I’m also part of a young survivors group and we all seem to have very similar thoughts so at least I’m not alone and can talk about it with people who understand.

Well, the only thing I’m waiting on now is the P53 testing (should have in a couple more weeks). After that, my next scheduled scan/follow up isn’t until Sept and Oct! 🙂 Finally a summer I can just relax! Starting this weekend! Dan, Aidan and I are going to Myrtle! I can’t wait to take Aidan to see the animals at Broadway at the Beach and watch him play in the sand. I hope the weather gets warmer!!


One Response to “Mammogram Results”

  1. Laura Renegar Says:

    I am so very thankful for your clear mammo – but even more thankful for your belief that b/c is finally getting further and further in your rear-view mirror. You need this new perspective ! It is great that you will start to lessen with the worries and believe more for a cancer free future…you have to – we all need you and love you and want you to be here without the stresses of THAT. You have enough stress in life just being the working Mom of a two year old….and always remember, I am right behind you for anything you need….love you !

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