My Oncologist on the News!

My oncologist, Dr. Limentani, was on the news last night talking about two new drugs to fight HER2+ breast cancer (the kind I had).  When I went through chemo in 2009, I had six rounds of Taxotere (docetaxel), Carboplatin and Herceptin (Herceptin continuing by itself for a year afterwards).  New clinical studies show effective results when a new drug (pertuzamab) is given along with Taxotere (docetaxel) and Herceptin.  I assume this means it replaces the Carboplatin, but I’m no doctor so that’s just my guess.

Anyway, Carolinas Healthcare System (CHS), where I go for all my oncology visits and where I spent a year in chemo/hormone treatment, is one of only two hospitals in the US that has the drug in clinical study.  Pertuzamab, won the approval from the Federal Drug Administration on Friday.  The media said in the introduction of the news story that before these drugs, HER2+ breast cancers were a death sentence.  Scary reminder but click on the link below to see my oncologist talking about the latest developments – what a TRUE HERO!! 


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