Random Updates

So……not a whole lot to update but breast cancer awareness month starts in a few days so I thought I’d write a quick post. I’ve had a lot on my mind the past couple months. First and foremost, are my friends Amy and Sara who are fighting hard against their stage 4 breast cancers.

Amy is the one I met last October. She was on the news the week after me when WBTV shared local survivor stories on the Charlotte news. I met her a couple weeks later at the Susan G Komen race and she is the one who headed up our Young Survivor group at the Pink House (Carolina Breast Friends). She is fighting hard but her tumor is wrapping itself around her lung and heart. My heart just breaks for her, her sweet daughter (2 days younger than Aidan), and her sweet husband. Her parents are also battling stage 4 melanoma and pancreatic cancers. Please continue to pray for her and their whole family. They ask that you pray for a cure, time together as a family, and for peace.

My other friend Sara, who I met at my oncologist’s office during chemo, is also stage 4 and has been undergoing serious radiation treatments for brain metastasis. She lost her mom last year and my heart breaks for her too. I met her dad when I visited her in the hospital and he is the sweetest man ever. Add Sara and her dad to your prayer list too please.

Both of these girls are always on my mind, along with all my other survivor friends I’ve met along the way. Remember, we’re all in our thirties. Please do your self exams and insist on a mammogram or ultrasound if you feel anything weird.

So race time is coming up, break out the pink hair extension highlights!!! My New Year’s resolution this year was to put breast cancer behind me and I’ve done much better with my anxiety ever since March/April. I still think about it every day but I don’t obsess and worry about it coming back as much as I used to the first three years. That’s right, I’m 3 1/2 years in remission now, as of 3 days ago! My next mammogram is Oct 25. I will probably just post a quick Facebook status on that. Hopefully all goes well.

Anyway, I have been getting a little breast-cancer’ed out this year so I was thinking, up until only a few days ago, that I wasn’t going to do any of the walks this year. I was going to donate but not partake in the festivities. Partly because I had previously scheduled commitments on these days but also because I just didn’t want to dwell on it anymore. But I realize now that that just doesn’t feel right and I need to be there to help support my friends (regardless of my own feelings) and am going to make it for both races. I also know it’s to help find a cure and am trying to focus on the reason behind the walks, and not about the sad reminders it surfaces for me personally. And I need to think about those who have lost loved ones to this disease and do it out of respect for them. So……..Susan G Komen is Oct 6 and Making Strides is Oct 20. I will post more later about what team I join in case you want to donate or join us.

Last bit of news I’ve been slacking on is the CPS study (which you can read about a few posts ago). I will post more about this soon too.

Until then, please let me know if you want to meet us or donate for the upcoming walks!! And thanks for your ongoing support!!

…..OMG I almost forgot!! The American Cancer Society is using my story in their press releases and sent out my story to 300+ media outlets and is sending an email out to their charlotte distribution list in the coming days. Pretty neat. AND our young survivor group is pictured in a local Charlotte magazine (Society) – found that out today. Ok, that is all for now. Stay tuned for walk details.

One last thing – check out the video I posted on Facebook about obamacare’s breast cancer screening and vote Romney this year!! 🙂


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