3 years ago almost to the day

Aidan tuned three last week. This time, 3 years ago we still weren’t even aware of his arrival into this world or that he would soon be our son. He actually at that time had another set of adopted parents who ended up falling through last minute, lucky and miraculously for us. So this is what I was writing about three years ago (almost to the day), while Aidan was resting up in the NICU waiting on us. 🙂

Danielle's Cancer Survivor Story ~ Cancer Diaries

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Well, it’s been almost a week (as of tomorrow) since my last day of radiation!  My skin healed super fast and I feel back to normal already, although I never really felt not-normal so I guess that’s why.  It’s weird now that everything’s done.  Well, I still have the every-three-week Herceptin IV visits, but with so much time in between appointments now, it just seems weird, almost like I’m done with everything, but not really.  It’s also weird thinking back on everything I’ve…

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One Response to “3 years ago almost to the day”

  1. Laura Renegar Says:

    Isn’t it amazing to look back and see where you were (oblivious) to where you are now – and all the while God was working overtime in the background to make everything work out JUST perfectly !

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    Accounting Manager
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