2009 Thanksgiving Miracle

I posted daily facts about breast cancer last month for breast cancer awareness month. November is adoption awareness month and I tried to do the same but fell short on the daily frequency. There are only a few days left. Right now, I am reblogging a blog post announcing our adoption back in 2009. This should count for a few to catch me up. You can skip over the italicized part at the beginning.

Danielle's Cancer Survivor Story ~ Cancer Diaries

(Note: If this is your first time visiting my page, thank you for your concern and support. You may want to read the pages to the left first (My Story, About Me, My Dr. Oz / Oprah Story, etc.), then read from below. My latest blog entries will feed to the top automatically. The most recent blog entries are also listed as links on the bottom left.)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Well, if you haven’t heard, our family has A LOT to be THANKFUL for this year!  Not only am I cancer free after all my treatments this year, our adoption has already happened!  After only a few WEEKS signed up with our adoption consultant (A Step Ahead) we have a NEW BABY BOY!  We got a call last week on Tuesday saying there was a birthmother in Colorado who had a baby on November 8, 2009 and the original adoptive…

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