ACS June Survivor Spotlight

The American Cancer Society has honored me by sharing my story in their June survivor spotlight!! Our local breast cancer orgs – ACS, Komen, Carolina Breast Friends – they have all been a HUGE SUPPORT for me!! They make me feel special too in their interest in my story over the past four years. My five minutes of fame replaying itself. I just wish I would have some way of knowing if my story has ever reached anyone that made a difference. I had someone recognize me last year at one of the walks from the news the night before. That was pretty cool. Aidan and I got called up on stage that year. Aidan took the mic without hesitation and asked Natalie Pasquarella “what are all these people doin’ here?!” Ha. I think I’m subconsciously working on being famous ha. Maybe then I could meet more celebrities instead of stalking them out. Anyone out there with Richard Gere connections? 😉


2 Responses to “ACS June Survivor Spotlight”

  1. Laura Renegar Says:

    Your story has made a difference for me !

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