Genomic Testing

This man. This story. This interview. Absolutely fascinating. Got me wandering back to my blog to see what my genetic results were. My particular cancer diagnosis (stage 3 HER2+ invasive ductile carcinoma) was scary but I had the benefit of the drug Herceptin, which for years has been one of the biggest advancements in the fight against breast cancer. HER2+ breast cancer used to be a death sentence. It’s an aggressive and fast growing cancer. But because of the hormone and protein status of my diagnosis, I had the benefit of taking Herceptin, a targeted cancer drug.

I had a mutation in one of the BRCA genes but it was one of unknown significance. The latest in the cancer world is not only testing your genetics (or the genes you inherited at birth), but the genetic makeup of the cancer itself. I will be very interested in seeing how all this pans out over time. I’ve heard some critics but interesting and fascinating nonetheless.

Here is a link to the 60 Minutes interview.


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