Radiologist Called

The radiologist called to answer questions before my appointment tomorrow. He answered a ton of my concerns. I will try to keep this short and just highlight the key points. Basically tomorrow we can encounter three possible outcomes. A tumor that is cancer, benign tumor, or something else like focal fat, a granuloma (old infection).

He said he is a little concerned that it wasn’t seen on prior MRI images because that is the main thing that they look at (whether or not it is new).  Since it is new and in the sternum, this causes him concern. He said the sternum is a bone that does not change very often unless due to trauma, which could’ve been my fall but I don’t think I fell that hard. I asked him about the granulomatosis disease and the spots they found on my liver spleen and upper abdomen and I asked if that could be what this is as well and he said it is a possibility.

I will be sedated with Ativan and Fentanyl and then will be guided into a CT machine where they will stick a drill into my sternum and pull out a core 4 to 5 mm deep and 2 to 3 mm wide of bone tissue. From there we wait on pathology which I should have results by Tuesday or Wednesday.

If it is cancer then we reassess with Dr. Kessler and probably proceed with radiation surgery. If it is definitely benign, then we are done. If it is inconclusive, we revisit in three months to see if there is change or growth and retest.


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