Favorite Quotes and Lessons Learned

Favorite Quotes:

“Whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.”  This quote was given to me on a canvas from Janelle as a thank you for throwing Preston’s baby shower a couple years ago.  The quote has stuck with me since and I share it often.  I also had it stenciled in our family room on the hallway cat walk.

“Enjoy this moment, for this moment is your life.”  This one has new meaning to me now.  It is also stenciled in our family room, on our mantle.

“Be kinder than necessary, as everyone is battling something.” –  I saw this quote hung on the wall at the hospital where I had my heart echo test. 

“Where there is great love, there are always miracles.”  – This one was told to me by Lisa, Dan’s sister and my wonderful sister-in-law, after reading my fertility hopes section.  Thanks Lisa!

Lessons Learned:

1.  For the past three + years, I have been honestly obsessed with getting pregnant and sometimes distraught over the fact that we were having trouble.  I obsessed over it every month and was upset about it often after dozens of negative pregnancy tests.  Instead of letting things be as they may (or as God and the universe intended), I took matters into my own hands, underwent fertility treatments, hormone testing, several doctors visits, etc.  It consumed my mind all the time.  Once I found out I had cancer and before I knew that it hadn’t spread to any organs (which would have been incurable), I thought to myself about all the time I wasted being unhappy over not getting pregnant and thought about how obsessing over something that was somewhat much out of my control for so long was such a waste of time.  I went back to one of my favorite quotes above and remembered “enjoy this moment, for this moment is your life”.

2.  Trust your instincts and learn to recognize signs from God.  For the past 8 or 9 months or so, every time I looked at the clock, it seemed to be 9:11 (am or pm), a signal and universal sign of emergency.  I thought God or the universe was trying to tell me something but I wasn’t sure what.  The next sign came the day I found out I was pregnant, which was on a Friday the 13th, another universal bad luck day.  A few weeks after I learned my diagnosis, and all my tests were complete, now I see 9:12 or 9:10 when I look at the clock.  Maybe coincidental, maybe not, maybe a sign from God, maybe not, but I wish I would have listened to the warning messages and instincts sooner.  

3.  Everything happens for a reason.  I think back at all the circumstances that got me to where I am today and I think of where this journey will take me in the future.  I know there is devine plan that is meant to be for me, and I will soon learn what that is someday.

4.   Insist on a mammogram right away if you feel a lump.  On a recent Oprah show with Dr. Oz (March 10, 2009), I learned that every year in the United States, more people die from medical mistakes than from breast cancer, AIDS and car accidents combined.  I had two different doctors tell me on multiple occasions that my lumps were nothing to worry about when really they were cancerous, already spreading, and being fueled by my hormones.  Just because you’re young, healthy and have no family history of breast cancer, that doesn’t mean you won’t/can’t get it or should write it off as a hormonal cyst or something unimportant.  The doctors may be right and it may be nothing, but let the screening tools tell you that, not a doctor’s opionion based on a quick exam.


12 Responses to “Favorite Quotes and Lessons Learned”

  1. Darlene Says:

    We can only truly live in this moment. It is the only moment that matters. When we learn to live in this moment, the future will take care of itself. The yogis say that our monkey mind is always jumping from past to future, but when we are aware that this moment is the only moment there is, fear subsides, stress releases, calmness finds us. Not one thing can happen that we can’t deal with. Love has no opposite, but when we are not in love, we are in fear. When we find ourselves in that dark place, we simply bring ourselves back to the now. The “NOW” is perfect just the way it is and it has power that we can’t wrap our minds around. We just have to learn to trust it.

    • Danielle Kragnes Murray Says:

      Hi Darlene! For some reason, I am only just now seeing this message for some reason, sorry. You are such a motivating, positive and inspirational person and I am so lucky to have you in my life. You have taught me so much and I appreciate you for that always. You’ve always been there for me with great advice and words of wisdom – thank you so much. You have raised such a great family and I love you all always.

      • Darlene Says:

        Please never feel that you have to respond to any comments that I make. You have enough to do. We received your card via snail mail today. Please know that we know that you appreciate the little things and save your energy and your cards in the future. I just wanted to share one of my favorite quotes, “This too shall pass.” Truly, it came to pass, not to stay. That knowing has helped me through many bumps, big and small. I agree with Angela, it’s all in the practice of “allowing.” I love you to the moon and back!

  2. lori kragnes Says:

    good attitude …keep it up..thats what will get you thru..love you!!!Aunt NORI

    • Danielle Kragnes Murray Says:

      Thanks Aunt Lori (Nori)! 🙂 Your positive attitude has been my inspiration! I love you! I’ll call you later today.

  3. Angela Says:


    Everything does happen for a reason. Although we do not always understand the very thing that is happening to us at that moment, in time, as we reflect on our lives we will see the true life lessons and blessings that have come from that very situation. One qoute that I often say to my self is “If God brings you to it he will bring you through it” Believe this as it is a powerful thought and will bring you peace of mind in times of need.” I am so proud of you that you have such a grate attitude and instead of focusing on the cancer you are focusing on all the positives aspects of your life and the blessings that you have been given and will continue to experience throughout your life. Your happiness is not dependent on your wealth, your intelligence, or you’re other abilities. Your happiness is not contingent on your continued good health, or your having loving friends, relatives, or significant others. In fact, happiness is already a part of your innate nature. There is nothing you have to do or get in order to be happy. All you have to do is allow it to surface. I love you very much and am behind you 100%.

    • Danielle Kragnes Murray Says:

      Hi Angela! You are so sweet. I’m so glad we caught up the other day and am so glad we’ve stayed in touch over the years. You’re such a good friend and a great person. Thanks for being who you are and for all your thoughtful words of inspiration. I hope to see you soon girl!! Love you always!

  4. Aunt Maria Says:

    Hi Danielle
    Your blog is great idea. Helps alot. We all hope this note finds you well. I can relate. But it does get smoother. Keep strong and try to keep plugging along. I have you on our prayer list at church and daily prayers as well. We love you and can’t wait till June to see you and the family. Talk to you soon!
    Love Aunt Maria, Uncle Tim, Holly

  5. Eileen Sullivan Says:

    Hello again, Danielle,
    Having just sent a note, I hadn’t planned to comment again on your “favorite quotes and lesson learned,” but after reading, I must say, Are you REALLY only 31 years of age?? What incredible insight you have been given in such a relatively short period of time. Perhaps God has been preparing you for this “passing,” – as in one of your friend’s quotes, “This, too, shall pass.”

  6. Christy Says:

    I love quotes and after everything going on recently I thought this summed up what has been going on with you and your story……

    “Sometimes right in the middle of a storm the sun can shine”

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