Of course more unanswered weekend news 

I received an addendum CT report in the mail from CMC over the weekend that my old oncologist ordered. Of course over the weekend yet again. 
The CT report says I have granulomatous disease, evidenced in spleen liver and upper abdomen. The report mentions it three times. I understand it’s an inherited immune deficiency disease which increases susceptibility to infections. Granulomas are masses of immune cells at sites where infection or inflammation are present. 

It also says mild bibasilar atelectasis. My understanding is this is a collapsed lung sac in my lower lung, which I’m assuming is from radiation scarring but that’s my own interpretation. 
Again we wait until Monday. I am so done with this crap. 


Oncologist Appt

Oncologist appt went okay. She still thinks this might be very early bone metastasis. Now I have to go to two more radiology offices to get ALL my MRI images scanned to disc from the past eight years. Then a biopsy will be scheduled for hopefully next week. If it’s cancer they will look at the pathology again. And probably do radiation surgery on the one spot and then follow.  If the chemistry of the cancer has changed, only then would they do chemo again. The biopsy will either be a core biopsy where I’ll lay on my back and they’ll take images. Then stick a 8 gage needle into my bone to pull out tissue. If that’s not possible due to size and precision then they’ll do a fine needle aspiration which is the same thing but smaller needle and will get less tissue. After that we will know what it is. I will be half sedated for the biopsy. Still could be something benign but she is not reassuring me at all. She also did a CBC (complete blood count) and chemistry panel and ran tumor markers. My heart rate was back in the 40’s and they don’t know why. They think I’m some avid athlete. 😉 ha after I get my images I’m getting a tattoo later today. The sheet music to the words “I’m not afraid” from my fav Eminem song.

Brain MRI

Clear :). Just waiting now to see if bone spot is big enough to biopsy now. If not we wait 2-3 months to repeat scans. Appt with oncologist is Wednesday. 

Brain MRI Done

MRI done. Crazy how they squeeze your head into this contraption and blare these random and different sounds at you for 45 minutes. Then inject with contrast and your whole body warms up. I’m used to it though and actually to me very relaxing like a little comfy snooze fest all tucked in with blankets. They already gave me images on a disc and will have the results for my oncologist between Monday and Wednesday. 

Brain MRI

Brain MRIs at 1 o’clock but I won’t find out results until Tuesday or Wednesday. This doesn’t have anything to do with the bone issue but the new oncologist wanted a full set of scans.

Today’s update

I dropped off all my scans myself today at the oncology office. The nurses at the old oncology place were of no help so I had to go to Radiology physically myself get them scanned on a disc and drive (no pun intended ha – get it – disc drive) them over to the new oncology office. The disc contains images of several scans including my MRI, CT scan, heart echo, mammogram, etc.  

My follow up appointment with the oncologist is Wednesday and I should have a brain MRI sometime before then which is not yet scheduled but hopefully they will call tomorrow. I also don’t know yet if it’s big enough for biopsy which I know my new Oncologist was supposed to ask Charlotte Radiology but she was out today so I’ll call back tomorrow and find out what the answer on that is. 

 Also scheduling my physical therapy for my arm because it still swollen and sore. Those will be twice a week for three weeks.

Scan Images

Finally, and of course taking things into my own hands, I’m getting all my scan images put on a CD and picking up them up myself from Radiology. No matter who I call no one seems to know where I can get them sent to my doctor directly so I’m going to pick them up myself. I already talked to someone today who has been the most help with this crap. I called the old Oncologist back and they said I would have to go through three doctors to request all the images because it depends on who orders them who can release them. Ridiculous